Getting prepared for your time
with Juelle and The Council
How Do I prepare for an Intensive?
Is there something I need to do?
What is the best way to have a great session or Intensive with
Juelle & The Council?

Even though the information below was sent for those who have scheduled
an Intensive, or are thinking about scheduling an Intensive, anyone having a
one-hour session with Juelle & The Council will find this beneficial as well.
Juelle writes:

My Dear Intensive Participants,

You have chosen a unique opportunity to catapult your awareness, your visions and your life.
It is my honor to support you in this choice.

I want to share with you some ideas for preparation for our experience together.
We want to get as much out of this intensive as possible and work efficiently and effectively.

*It goes without saying that I have already set the intention that the highest possibility comes out of our
time together. Please take a moment and make that decree for yourself as well.

*The purpose of an intensive is for deep transformations and the opening of awareness.
Think about what you would like and actually what you need, to be transformed in your life.

*Because there is so much completion and new beginnings going on for most of you, consider using this
opportunity to get as clear as possible on any old patterns of belief systems or behaviours that may seem
to be inhibiting your life experience. Together, we can usually spot these pesky little things and have
enough time together to affect a lasting change. A clue that such a pattern may be playing out is when you
see yourself creating the same situation over and over. We may want to clear this.

*From now until the time we get together, things are going to come up for you. Good. Make a note of those
things. They are showing themselves so that you can see how they affect your life and so that you can see
you are ready to change it. That is our work together and that is our intention yielding results already.

*Perhaps an unusual situation occurred in your life and you have often thought about it and have had no
clarity as to how it has served you. Make a note of it and bring it up. The strangest things can have the
greatest affects and we don't realize it.

*From now until the time we get together, pay attention to all the subtle nuances of your behaviours and
your speech. If you have a repetitive thought that just keeps popping up, it is doing so for a reason. If you
find yourself using the same language to describe a feeling or a situation, pay attention. It may be telling
us something about where your consciousness really resides and it may be time to help it reside
somewhere else.

*Please look at this time together as a time of total clarity.
For that reason, you will want to be honest with yourself.
We want everything out on the table, everything.
Guilts, fears, worries, shames, simply everything.
We are going for freedom here and we can not get there if you are holding anything back.

*This is a time of bringing in new visions, new projects, new, new, new.
We can use this time to help you chart your way to the manifestation of a new vision. There are always
strategic steps in something like this and often as the visionary, we don't see the steps because the end
result is so overwhelming. This is a fantastic time to receive guidance and support on that.

*There often are all those questions that really don't fit into any category that you have always wanted to
ask. Maybe they are just interesting things to you, things you have always wondered about and never got
a clear answer for. Ask them. There is never anything too far out there or too mundane to ask.
If it is on your mind, it serves you somehow.

*You don't have to make your lists of how you want to use this time, however, if you do, I find it helps us to
stay on track and once again, it sets the intention. I must say though, sometimes you may have
something on the list and what we really need to do is not that, but that item led us to what was most

*I know each of you have an incredible level of trust that the perfect things show up for us during our time
together or you would never have set up the time. I would say yes, this is true and even more.
Miraculous things can take place in such a setting and that too is our intention.

*An intensive is multi-layered, multi-dimensional. There is what happens at a conscious level and at the
subconscious level. Then, there is what happens energetically and at a cellular level. Sometimes the
results of the energetic effect, takes days or weeks to integrate. You know something "else" happened
whether you can language it or not. Just be aware of this.

*Remember, this is a time in which we are living, for awesome, radical experiences in our lives.
The eternal body of light is manifesting through each of us. Our work together opens more "space" in
every cell of our being, for such experiences to be realized.

I look forward to being with each of you and it is truly my honor to support you in your wondrous journey.

Boundless Blessings,
Juelle and The Council

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