Portals of Infinity:
"It's All Coming Together and
It Never Looks Like You Think"

A Group Channeling
with Juelle & The Council
Monday September 21, 2015
7:00pjm - 9:00pm
Cost:  $40
At Cosmic Connections

615-463-7677  or 615-582-7099

Seating is limited. RSVPs are required

Group Channeling:
"It's All Coming Together and It Never Looks Like You Think"
You know that moment, that magical moment when it seems that the entire universe converges in
a single instant to create something magnificent? You feel that surge of energy that accompanies
these moments like a tsunami wave of creative energy. You feel the rightness of it all. You feel on
track, you have a knowing that something filled with awe is manifesting and your knowing tells
you---yea, this is it, this is next.  That magical moment is so full that you can barely slow the energy
down long enough to articulate any details about it. It seems to be pure magic.
    And then, a few days later, the energy dissipates, seems to fall off and we have to ask
ourselves; Whoa, did I read that incorrectly? Is the timing off? Was that real? I thought I knew what I
was doing! Now what the heck do I do with it?

        Right here. Right at this time, when this happens, this is when many people will doubt, stop
or hesitate in following that magical moment that gave birth to a dream or a vision or a next step.
The energy falling off does not necessarily mean that this is the end or we read everything
incorrectly. In fact, it will be here, right here, when it seems like nothing is coming together and the
energy is lulling, it is right here when the real creation begins.

        There is so much that is finally coming together both personally and universally and truly, it
seldom looks like we think it is going to look, especially when sometimes it looks like everything is
falling apart!

        And the magical moment of knowing? It is still there. It is working itself now into our lives,
internalizing and reorganizing things for even more magical moments.

Our souls know. The DNA Divine Blueprint knows. It is in us. It is in us to know where we are going
even when our personalities don’t seem to know. And, in this timing, whether we can see it or not,
it is all coming together.

This and so much more, is what we are up to at the 17th annual Crestone Retreat this year. It is
always a little challenging to find words to describe the Crestone Retreat, Portals of Infinity. It is this
and a whole lot more. It ends up being a transformative experience, exactly what each person
present needs at this moment in space and time, in order to take their next steps in this grand life
unfolding. We do get into what is happening cosmically on the planet and we can and do talk about
lots of different topics over the five days. But this is also a personal retreat. This is a time that is for
each of us personally to take a big drink from the pool of inspiration, fill up, shift gears and gain
new perspectives, so we can get back out there and serve that something that is bigger than
ourselves. We hope you will join us.

When Juelle comes to Nashville, we get a condensed version of a 5-day retreat.   5 days of this
information that has been worked on, juiced and added to!

During the channeled group event with Juelle & The Council we always get the planetary up-date,
what is happening out there and how to navigate it and we always have a theme.  
The 'theme' of the evening starts to fall into place a couple of months before they arrive in
Nashville.  Each person who attends adds their own energy and synergy and everyone who
attends leaves with information they feel was just for them.

Cost:  $40

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When Juelle comes to Nashville, she is available for private sessions and intensives.   Private
sessions are powerful and life-changing
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