Diana Shafer
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Energy Alignment
Chakra Balancing
Shift Healing

dlshaffer@hotmail.com  or 615-513-6565

Be sure to visit Diana at her Antioch Healing Room!
and at Cosmic Connections as a Guest!

Crystal Readings:
A crystal reading is unique, fun, meaningful and powerful.
A crystal reading is a great way to get clarity on any issues or challenges you are experiencing.
A crystal reading will validate your own guidance. Crystal readings are empowering!

A crystal reading involves interacting with and selecting from 75 crystals and stones that  I have selected
specifically to use only for readings.  Each stone has an intentional meaning; by this I mean that I have
programed a specific intention or definition into each stone. The intention and definition do not always
match the information found in the crystal books for each stone.

Each stone's intentional meaning relates to important areas of your life that will be easily recognized by

Where and how you place the stones in a grid or layout for me to read influence or modify
the stones meaning and impact.

Your experience unfolds as we begin to explore the meaning of the crystals you have chosen to select.
Your reading comes forth honestly, accurately and strong.
You will leave enlightened, enabled and empowered.

Readings cannot make your decisions for you; they simply give you guidance and invite you to take a
fresh perspective on life.
A sketch and summary of the reading will be provided to you at the end of our session.

If you wish, I can help direct you to crystals or stones you may wear or carry to improve any medical,
emotional or spiritual situation.

I invite you to experience this curiously enjoyable and informative reading in the very near future.
Feel free to contact me with questions about this and other services!

Energy alignment & Chakra Balancing:
Energy affects everything in your life. YOU are energy, you are surrounded by energy. You give it away,
you pick it up, you affect others,
and other people's energy affects you---in both positive and not-so-positive ways.

You have seven major chakras that can get off kilter and blocked, which can interrupt the flow of your
Come in for major work or a minor tune-up.

A safe and easy method to assist in healing, not only on the physical level
but also on the emotional and mental level.
A light-touch and sometimes no-touch non-intrusive therapy that assists the body's
natural energy to restore balance and to remember its natural healing processes.
Reiki is a Japanese word meaning, "Universal Life Force Energy"
and is accessible by everyone.
Reiki connects the body, mind and spirit to achieve wholeness in all areas.

Reiki is a modality that is used in hospitals across the U.S. and internationally.

Allow me to assist you in bringing more balance to your life. Allow me to assist you in clearing out those
not-so-positive energies that have attached themselves to you, and even those energies that may have
allowed your energy systems to become sluggish or even blocked.

Shift Healing:
Works best with people who are used to meditation. Bringing the health of meditation into the physical.

Ask about Diana & Nina's 2-person energywork session....
a powerful, empowering experience you will want to have!

Diana says:
I have felt for years that I was put on this earth to assist individuals as they move through life's complex
passage.  For many of those years this gift has been calling for my attention.
I have searched and found teachers to help me hone my skills and have finally opened the door to allow
the possibilities to flow. I am here joyfully, to assist you in your quest for healing, enhancement and
Store Hours:
Monday - Saturday
10am - 8pm

10am - 6pm


1701 Portland Avenue
Nashville TN 37212
in a 2-story house on the
edge of Hillsboro

across the street from
the Curb Event Center at
Belmont University and
the Athlete's House
Sporting Goods Co...

Between the Circle K
and the
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