Banded Agate Worry Stone

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Often called the “earth rainbow”, Banded Agate is a healing stone for body, mind and spirit. It can increase concentration, honesty and memory. Banded Agate also protects the wearer from psychic attack, thereby preventing negative energy from harming you. Agate is formed with bands of microscopic quartz crystals.
Chakras:  1st (Root) 
Earth Element
These “pocket tranquilizers” use a form of reflexology, or nerve pressure. Rubbing the smooth surface of the stone puts pressure on nerves within the thumb that may release endorphins, the brain’s natural relaxants. Choose a stone whose powers work with your energy. 

Approx. Width in Inches: 1.5
Approx. Length in Inches: 1.75
Each Sold Separately,  intuitively picked by our staff.  
Banded Agate Worry Stone
Banded Agate Worry Stone