Love and Compassion (6mm) Bracelet

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Love and Compassion (6mm) Bracelet

Garnet, Strawberry Quartz, Rose Quartz 

Garnet: Manifestation, Prosperity, Health, Kundalini Energy, Inspiration, Love, Grounding - Earth Element - 1st/Root, 2nd/Sacral, 3rd Solar Plexus Chakras

Strawberry Quartz: This beautiful pink stone contains the energies of universal love. Work with Strawberry Quartz to bring more loving energies into your life and to send it to others.   It promotes happiness and joy and helps you to see the best in any situation - Chakras:  4th / Heart

Rose Quartz: Love, Gentleness, Emotional healing, Stress release, Uniting with the Divine, Emotional Healing - Water Element - 4th (Heart) Chakra      


Elastic bracelet made of real gemstone 8mm beads.  Picture is an example.  All stones are unique. Color of stones vary.  

Love and Compassion (6mm) Bracelet