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    The Shipibo are an indigenous people who have maintained and continue to practice unique cultural traditions, residing along the Ucayali River in the Amazon rain forest of Peru. Cotton is harvested from the Amazon jungle and thread is hand-dyed with natural plant dyes cultivated and created by the Shipibo people.

    Their hand embroidered mandala artwork are hermetic representations of sacred harmonic resonance fields. Shamans utilize these fields to restore the original state of connection to our deepest selves as well as to the divine mind through which all healing takes place. Displaying these magical tapestries establishes a portal for this sacred energy to flow into any space, ensuring profound transformation over time. 

    The designs are visual depictions of the icaros, which are the songs and chants sung by the shaman during a ceremony. These songs access and amplify  the healing and transformative vibrations underlying the creation of the universe and humankind. 

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