Blue Calcite Chunk CAL8-2
Blue Calcite Chunk CAL8-2

Blue Calcite Chunk CAL8-2

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Blue Calcite Chunks.  Blue Calcite is a soothing and calming stone. Helps you to relax and "take the edge off".  Promotes mental clarity and more clear communication.   Sometimes, regardless of what we think we have said, the other person did not hear it that way.  Blue Calcite helps us to find the words that can be heard.   It's a protective stone as well, dissolving negative energies around you.  Blue Calcite promotes healing. Great for creativity, enhancing intuitive senses, and recalling dreams. 

Average Weight:  4.5oz - 5.5oz

Chakras:  3rd/Solar Plexus, 5th/Throat, 6th/Third Eye, 7th/Crown

Sold individually.  Multiple pieces shown to show the variety in shape, formation, and coloring.  Your choice will be intuitively picked for you by a member of our Cosmic Crew. 

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