Compassion Conquers All by Tsem Rinpoche

Compassion Conquers All by Tsem Rinpoche

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Compassion Conquers All by Tsem Rinpoche reveals the heart of Buddhist wisdom in eight short verses, as elucidated by a fearless pioneer of contemporary Dharma.

Unconditional love and freedom are here and now if we let go of self-centered obsession and let ourselves be embraced by what is.

The very life we are living, with all its difficulties, failures, and frustrations, can be the road to liberation. The world can be our school of transformation. Everybody becomes our best friend. We become our own best friend.

Deeper and deeper, from learning to cherish all beings as precious, to realizing that those we perceived as enemies are our supreme teachers, the teaching in Compassion Conquers All transport us into our innermost heart where we discover that we are the light we have been longing for. Indeed, compassion conquers all.

"I rejoice in Tsem Rinpoche's endeavors to make these liberating instructions available to an international audience. His skills at conveying timeless wisdom in a contemporary way make him a precious spiritual friend to have." -- His Holiness Lungrik Namgyal Rinpoche

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