5-foot Copper Meditation Pyramid

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5-foot Copper Meditation Pyramid.  This magnificent copper pyramid is an amazing energy conductor.  The combination of copper with the pyramid shape moves energy, amplifies thoughts and grounds a large number of vibrational frequencies.  Copper facilitates mental agility and quick wit. Combined with the sacred shape of a pyramid, it becomes a strong energy conductor and healing tool. Large pyramids are often used as healing and meditation stations, helping you to connect to the earth and the universe.  Pyramids collect energy from higher realms, stars, planets, and the universe then delivers it to earth.   

Many people will place other crystals inside the pyramid form to energize and charge them.  Writing down the things you want to create on paper, and placing the paper inside or underneath the pyramid is an excellent way to use the pyramid as a manifestation tool. Hang your favorite crystal from the top point to enhance your meditations.

Chakras: 1st Root / 2nd Sacral / 3rd Solar Plexus

Approximate Size:  5' x 5' x 3'h

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5-foot Copper Meditation Pyramid