Peacock Ore Rough P106
Peacock Ore Rough P106

Peacock Ore Rough P106

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Chalcopyrite aka: Peacock Ore.  Rough tumbled stone. A powerful tool used to open up and align your energy centers. Removes energetic blockages and brings in transformational energies that help you make changes. Relieves fears, soothes emotions. Opens the Crown Chakra and your ability to connect with your own guidance. A stone for abundance, creativity, flexibility and innovation.  Usually yellow, green and gray, when exposed to acid it changes to deep purples, blues and yellows and becomes Peacock Ore.  

Chakras: All
Elements: Storm

Sold individually. Multiple stones are shown to display variations in size, shape, coloring and pattern. Your choice will be intuitively picked for you by a member of our Cosmic Crew. 

2" x 2" x 1"

2.5oz - 3oz

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