Shiva Lingham Large CCEC1226

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Gorgeous Shiva Lingham! 8" long 

Shiva Lingams represent the beginning of all creation and are physical manifestations of divine male and female energies. They embody the masculine energies through their solid oval shapes and the feminie through their many unique patterns.  It is through this formation that they are able to link to the force of creation. 

Shiva linghams aid in understanding energies like male-female / light-dark / spiritual-physical, so that you can see  the underlying connection between all things.   Brings harmony, promotes acceptance and self-acceptance. 

All Chakras / Elements of Earth, Air, Wind, Fire and Water

Approximate Weight 4.5 pounds

Each stone varies in color, weight and size.  Stones are intuitively picked for you by our cosmic staff. 

Shiva Lingham Large CCEC1226
Shiva Lingham Large CCEC1226