White Male on a Date by Scott Webb SW02

White Male on a Date by Scott Webb SW02

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White Male on a Date by Scott Webb.  What are the untold HIDDEN SECRETS which the white Anglo-Saxon male must discover to pick up the MOST AMAZING WOMEN? • Be just slightly MORE amazing than you have ever been before? • Impress and WOW her until she just can't say NO? • Unlimited fame, riches, trips, pearls, yoga poses? • Promises of UNDYING love and COMMITMENT? • Bulging muscles PLUS an even larger cerebral cortex? • Fully explain that HER bucket list is now also YOURS? • A super sensitive, intuitive chocolate goji-berry soul? • Tricks and witty comebacks sure to win her heart? • Being your most stuttering stupid self? You must read this book and discover ALL the SECRETS of the UNIVERSE! That's it! LEARN the secrets of the Universe. Follow the author as he figures it all out for himself, bumbling along through life in the classic style of the white Anglo-Saxon male on a date. And then, by a random accident, he discovers it. The ONE THING he as been seeking across his entire idiotic life, just falls in his lap, and it can fall into yours, too.

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