Driving for Better by Scott Webb SW03

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Since the total-idiots out there now driving refuse to self-improve, we, the smarter, must take things into our own hands and learn how to avoid THEM. The strategy you will receive here is how to optimally avoid the worst dysfunctional drivers on the road crashing into YOU. And, it's super simple to pull-off if anybody just takes a second to think about it. People die, or are injured, in automobile accidents all across America daily, like a busy factory turning out widgets. Why? When some drivers NEVER get into vehicular accidents. Is it time that somebody who knows, explained the secrets and strategies for how not to become a statistic? It's not just from random dumb luck that many drivers avoid ALL accidents. If you check most sources of information on better driving, you will find a basic DISCONNECT to what's actually happening on the road. Let's get real. "To drive" is to enter a free-for-all that's as dangerous as anything we encounter, especially due to disparities in abilities of all the many drivers out there at any given time. "Not speeding" is generally accepted as sound advice, but is it really? Can accelerating above posted speed limits sometimes put your vehicle better out of harm's way? The author boasts a fairly impeccable 40+ year record of "one fender bender" at age 16 and one speeding ticket. After being required to take a mandated court-ordered driving tutorial, discovering first-hand how pathetically we are educated to drive, the author decided to tell it like it is, how to drive for better, not for worse. With dozens of diagrams, the entire book is HAND-DRAWN for ease of understanding. Includes safety tips for self-defense when OUT of the vehicle too, such as how to avoid or respond to robbery. The author has been robbed; his son was robbed, and his daughter, robbed. All at gunpoint three different times. All walked away unhurt. There is an entire chapter for how to avoid being pulled over by the police because that's not often a positive experience, either. Yes, society requires the enforcement of law and order, but that alone doesn't guarantee safety on the road, and we need to know what DOES improve our safety on the road. The greatest leverage for improvement is always in how we think about things and that's exactly where this material strikes. This book shifts one's perspective, such that, the old way of one's sitting behind the wheel will almost be laughable. So that's guaranteed: a few good laughs. And includes many life-saving insights anybody can share with their closest relations because the world is stupid enough without having some idiot crashing into you or those you love. You will see right away that the author isn't interested in academic discussion regarding how to drive better by following the normal imperatives. If everybody else followed the laws, that's one thing, but if they ain't, then that's a whole different animal, and THAT'S the one our young 'uns are gonna have-to learn to ride because they're killed and injured the most. Why? Because that's what society has evolved into, because driving on our roads today is the ultimate expression of our worst combined dysfunctions. So let's not be that, if we ourselves can help it, and that's what you're going to be inspired to do right now.
Driving for Better by Scott Webb SW03