7 Day Jar Candles

7 Day Jar Candles


      7 Day Candles can be used in a variety of ways making them a valuable tool in achieving desires and goals. Personalize a ritual, spell, or meditation by infusing your energy of intent with the burning candle. Below is a list of color correspondence. Trusting your intuition while selecting a color is just as effective.

      Black - protective, absorbs negativity, banishes evil

      White - cleansing, purification, enlightenment, all-purpose (can be used in place of any other color)

      Red - passion, action, courage, attraction, stamina, strength, survival

      Orange - creativity, adaptability, vitality, friendship, happiness, energy building

      Yellow - inspiration, confidence, learning, mental clarity, eloquence

      Green - money, fertility, abundance, growth, prosperity, healing, love, luck

      Blue - peace, health, communication, contentment, loyalty, patience, understanding

      Purple - psychic power, divine connection, healing, will power

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