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Things to know:.
-Sessions are held remotely at this time via phone, zoom and/or facetime.
-Not all readers offer all contact choices.
-Customer chooses contact option during booking process.
-Payment is due and processed at time of booking
-Service providers contact you at your appointment time. 
-Zoom links are included in your confirmation and reminder emails.
-Start time of appointments and classes changes to match the time zone you select during the scheduling process.
-No cash payments at this time
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 Gina Griffiths: Channeler / Psychic / Clairvoyant / Medium / Animal Psychic Communicator BOOK NOW WITH GINA
30 min ($65)   45 min ($95)   60 min ($125)
Gina is a gifted clairvoyant and professional intuitive with over 25 years’ experience. During a reading, she does not use any cards as Gina hears words directly from the guides and angels about you and your questions. She also reads auras and communicates with those who have crossed over (pets too).  An animal lover at heart, an added specialty is telepathically communicating with animals. Gina also teaches classes on trusting and developing your intuition. 


 Mary Bogart: Psychic / Evidential Medium / Palm Reader / Past Life Regression / Energywork BOOK NOW WITH MARY
30 min ($80)   60 min ($125)
Mary has been a professional reader for more than 20 years. You will find sessions with her are fast, direct and amazingly accurate. Mary is a top-notch psychic, evidential medium, palm reader and past life regressionist.


 Tania Smith: Tarot / Hypnosis /Psychic/Tibetan Energywork BOOK NOW WITH TANIA
15 min ($40)   30 min ($80)   45 min ($95)   60 min (Reading, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, or Energywork) ($125)
Tania is a Certified Drup Shen Ma and Lopon (Healer / Teacher) in an ancient Tibetan healing tradition for balancing the soul and life force energies. She is able to provide you with an in depth  Intuitive Reading using the Tarot and has over 18 years experience with clients. She is a teacher of Tibetan Soul Healing and offers Tibetan energy work, hypnosis and past life regression to help you create the life you want She can also help with phobias, weight loss and past life regressions.



 Jeff Crawford: Shaman / Tarot / Numerologist / Pastoral Counselor / Reiki Master Teacher/ Practitioner of Reconnective Healing®    BOOK NOW WITH JEFF
30 min ($65)   60 min ($125)   Energywork 60 min ($125) 

Jeff Crawford, “Nashville’s Shaman®”, is a Shaman, Founder of Quantum Light Healing®, Practitioner of Reconnective Healing® & The Reconnection®, Reiki Master Teacher, Distance Healer, Tarot Specialist, and Pastoral Counselor/Coach. During healing sessions, Jeff synergistically employs ancient spiritual energy practices, quantum physics and sacred connectedness to effect profound physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and interdimensional healing. Working with tarot archetypes & numerology, Jeff delivers information and guidance that empowers his clients to pursue their course of action strategically and intentionally, so as to maximally benefit from their experiences.


 Bertena Varney: Tarot / Scrying / Angel Communication / Tea Leaf Readings / Angel Reiki / Reiki-Chakra Balancing                                 BOOK NOW WITH BERTENA
15 min ($40)   30 min ($65)   45 min ($95)   60 min ($125)  Tea Leaf Reading ($55)
Bertena offers  knock-your-socks-off Tea Leaf or Tarot Readings, powerful distance healing using Angel Reiki or Reiki and is also amazing at scrying with mirrors, crystal balls and pendulums.  She is a Usui Reiki Master, Certified Meditation Teacher, Certified Life Coach, published author and is a college professor teaching reiki, yoga, meditation.


 Burnell Thibodeaux and Andrea Renee
Soul Retrieval     $120   Fee covers 30-minute initial consultation, soul retrieval and second call to share results of their journey. 

Book Now with Burnell & Andrea

Burnell is a master teacher, healer and mystic who has studied and practiced many modalities of assisting people to wholeness including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Shamanism, Reiki and Kundalini Yoga. Working with Spirit for several decades, he enjoys assisting people to achieve resourceful states from which to function.

Andrea Renee is a gifted Spiritual healer and dedicated mentor, attuned to vibrations and energy. Over 12 years ago, she experienced an awakening to her connection to Spirit, and her life radically changed, leading her to the arts of Soul Retrieval, Sound Healing, and Reiki Life Energy. She also mentors clients to becoming intentional creators of their lives. Along with her life experience working with Spirit, she is a practicing Usui Reiki Master, and certified Og Mandino Habit Finder Coach. 


  Jamie Givens: Intuitive Readings / Tarot / Astrology  BOOK NOW WITH JAMIE

15 min ($40)   30 min ($65)   45 min ($95)   60 min ($125)   Astrology Chart ($150)
Unlock positive change in your body, mind and spirit. Find comfort learning the answers to questions which fixate in your mind’s eye, ease anxiety for deeper sleep, and realign energy to sync-up inner-resources. Imagine pulling the veil off the false reality which causes pain. Uncover the intelligent design of who you are. Bust energetic rigidity by clearing magnetized debris and re-pattern your life to a new direction. A seasoned professional with over thirty years in the healing arts, Jamie is here to help you retrieve peace and create wholeness.


  Jasmine Dominique: Reiki Master and Teacher/ Tarot/ Energy Healing  BOOK NOW WITH JASMINE
15 min ($40)   30 min ($65)   60 min ($125)   Energywork 60 min ($125)
Jasmine Dominique is a certified Reiki Specialist and Master Teacher. She assists clients with releasing emotional, mental, and physical blockages during her Tarot readings and Reiki sessions. Reiki energy "the laying of the hands" is the divine essence that aims to heal and to rejuvenate. Jasmine is available for distance Reiki sessions.


 Curt Perkins: Astrology Readings  BOOK NOW WITH CURT
30 min ($55)   60 min ($90)  
Curt has been studying and working with astrology for the past ten years. His background in music, literature, mythology, and tarot provide a textured counterpart to his readings. As does his knowledge that you, at heart, are a wonderful person. Astrology can help guide you through your own distinctive personal makeup and illuminate times of transition and change. Your questions are very important for this process. Career choices. Life Transitions. Spiritual Growth and Insight. Relationship Questions and Couples Readings.


 Lori Knowles: Angelic Guidance / Emotional Healing / Intuitive Readings  BOOK NOW WITH LORI
15 min ($40)   30 min ($80) 45 min ($95)  60 min ($ 125)  Archangel/Soul Integration 60 min ($125)
Lori Knowles is an intuitive who has been connected to the angels since childhood. Lori’s focus is to assist you in ending painful cycles so you can live your true purpose. She utilizes her natural intuition and angelic guidance abilities, as well as, the process known as Soul Integration. This process is taught by THEO, the 12 Archangels, through direct voice channel and world -renowned psychic, Shelia Gillette. Lori is certified by the THEO group, Inc. to use the process in her work with other individuals. 


  Mallory Key: Astrology  BOOK NOW WITH MALLORY
30 min ($50)   60 min ($90) 
Couples Astrology:  30 min ($80 / That's $40 per per person!). 60 min ($140 / That's $70 per person!)
Mallory Key, is an AMAFA accredited Astrologer with the American Federation of Astrologers and has studied Astrology for over 13 years.  She offers lectures and teaches Beginner Astrology workshops, as well as private and group readings.  Mallory Key is passionate about spreading the knowledge of Astrology to those who are ready to learn this ancient language of the stars.

 Rev. Dr. Tamurah: Psychic / Medium / Biofeedback Technician  BOOK NOW WITH REV. DR. TAMURAH
20 min ($55)   30 min ($80)   45 min ($110)   60 min ($125)  
Rev. Dr. Tamurah began professional work as a clairvoyant / medium in the early 1980’s. As a celebrity psychic featured on TV and radio, she relies exclusively on the energies which present themselves during your session. Sessions may cover current events, along with past life influences and guidance from other realms. As a Certified Biofeedback Technician, she combines her Higher Insights with cutting edge Subtle Energy Devices to assist with Evolving Consciousness. Tamurah’s goal is always about helping you focus on and step into Greater Alignment with your Highest Destiny / Life Purpose. She calls these Soul Alignments.

 Seemi Rizvi: Intuitive Artist / Henna Artist  BOOK NOW WITH SEEMI
15 min ($40)   30 min ($65)   60 min ($125)
Seemi Rizvi is an intuitive artist with a mission to help people see their best through her art. She helps people see their path through the Henna Art she creates (and drawings done during a spot-on phone session!).  The art is texted or emailed to you! The art is created as an interpretation of the reading she gives you.  Seemi has many years experience doing intuitive art , intuitive readings, speaking, being interviewed and leading workshops.



Trinity Moon:  Psychic / Clairvoyant    BOOK NOW WITH TRINITY
20 min ($50)     40 min ($80)
Trinity Moon has a Spiritual gift of clairvoyance. As she connects to God and your guardian angels she will  be able to access the guidance you are needing.



Cosmic Rookie Readers
Help our newbie readers gain experience.
 Rebekah Stephens: Tarot reader  BOOK NOW WITH REBEKAH
15 min ($30)   30 min ($50)   45 min ($75)   60 min ($100)
It would be my honor to help you discover the answers and knowledge hidden within, through an intuitive tarot card reading.  We, as humans are far more powerful than we have been led to believe. From the energy around us, the knowledge within and the collective knowledge of the Universe, we have the ability to know so much more on so many levels. It is from this philosophy I approach my studies and your reading. Let us journey together to find the answers you seek. 

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