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Are you hiring?
Cosmic is not currently looking for staff. We do however, keep applications on file for 6 months.

Working at a small locally owned retail store is unique from other jobs. Employee turnover is low. Usually we have a few candidates lined up for interviews when we have availability.

Please complete an application if you want to be a part of the Cosmic Crew.

Read over the job requirements and fill out an application in the link below:

Join the Cosmic Crew


Do you have a reader available today?

We have readers available by phone and in-person every day.

For in-person services, check out the Google Calendar here to see who is available by day.

Select "Book Now" to check appointment availability.


How do I become a reader or service provider at Cosmic?

Intuitive readers, energyworkers and other services are available in person at Cosmic and remotely via ZOOM or phone.

Click here to fill out our Reader's onboarding form.


How do I sell my products at Cosmic?

Please email pictures, wholesale pricing, SRP, website, and any other pertinent information to orders@yourcosmicconnections.com

We look forward to serving you at Cosmic Connections!
Instagram: @cosmicconnectionsnashville
Facebook: @cosmicconnectionsnashville
How to find us:
2117 8th Avenue South
Nashville, Tn 37204
Our phone number is (615)463-7677