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Instructor Information 

 Jean Tindle is a gifted teacher, healer and ceremonialist, and has spent many years studying shamanic traditions of both North and South America. She is a certified Sound Healer, Crystal Healer and Reiki master. Her greatest joy is creating the space for others to experience the profound healing that can be found in these practices. She is a Kultrun drum carrier in the tradition of the Mapuche medicine women of Chile. Register for Jean's classes.




 Bertena Varney is a Usui Reiki Master, Certified Meditation Teacher, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, and multi published author.  She is a former college professor teaching reiki, yoga, meditation, and Intuition Development classes and offers monthly women's and book club circles. Read more about Bertena.  Register for Bertena's Classes


 Jeff Crawford:  A Reiki Master Teacher, Shipibo Shaman, Tarot Specialist, Founder of Quantum Light Healing®, Pastoral Counselor, Numerologist and all-around teacher, Jeff integrates his life experiences and teachings to effect profound psychic, physical and interdimensional healing.  Jeff is an Approved Provider for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and offers CEU's through his Reiki classes. (Read more on Jeff's booking page). Register for Jeff's Classes. 


 Tania Smith is an energy healer, professional musician, jewelry designer and excellent psychic,dedicated to helping people find lasting happiness and well being.  Born in Australia, Tania always knew she would use energetic healing in her life.  She is a certified Tse Dup Lopon Ma (soul healer and teacher) in the Tibetan Energy Healing system of Tse Dup Yang Bod.  She is one of the first practitioners and teachers of this Ancient Tibetan Healing in the U.S. after twelve years of intensive training with Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche.  Classes, readings and energy sessions are life-changing.  Register for Classes with Tania.


 Burnell Thibodeaux and Andrea Renee
Burnell is a master teacher, healer and mystic who has studied and practiced many modalities of assisting people to wholeness including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Shamanism, Reiki and Kundalini Yoga. Working with Spirit for several decades, he enjoys assisting people to achieve resourceful states from which to function.

Andrea Renee is a gifted Spiritual healer and dedicated mentor, attuned to vibrations and energy. She also mentors clients to becoming intentional creators of their lives. Along with her life experience working with Spirit, she is a practicing Usui Reiki Master, and certified Og Mandino Habit Finder Coach.  Register for Burnell and Andrea's Classes


 Andrea Renee Banfield: Certified Habit Finder Coach  
Andrea is a gifted Spiritual healer and dedicated mentor, attuned to vibrations and energy. She mentors clients to becoming intentional creators of their lives. Andrea is a practicing Usui Reiki Master, and certified Og Mandino Habit Finder Coach. (Read more on Andrea's booking page.)  Register for Andrea Renee's Classes

 Mallory Key is an AMAFA accredited Astrologer with the American Federation of Astrologers and has studied Astrology for over 13 years.  She offers lectures and teaches Beginner and Intermediate Astrology workshops, as well as offering private and group readings.  Mallory Key is passionate about spreading the knowledge of Astrology to those who are ready to learn this ancient language of the stars.  Register for Classes with Mallory Key


Lauren E. Boyd has been a practicing intuitive and auto writer for several years. With years of intuitive classes, research, and hours spent auto-writing under her belt, she has most recently been guided to share these abilities with others. Register for Lauren's Classes





 Brad Crane is a certified Classical Feng Shui consultant and offers consultations and classes.  He began his study of classical Feng Shui under Grand Master Denise Liotta Dennis at Dragon’s Gate Feng Shui LLC in 2020. Their lineage is part of the 400 year old Wu Chang Pai lineage. "Feng Shui is the art of harmonizing the environment, the  elements and  your results. It is so much more than furniture arrangement and interior design." Register for Brad's Classes


 Lori Knowles is an intuitive who has been connected to the angels since childhood. Lori’s focus is to assist you in ending painful cycles so you can live your true purpose. She utilizes her natural intuition and angelic guidance abilities, as well as, the process known as Soul Integration. This process is taught by THEO, the 12 Archangels, through direct voice channel and world -renowned psychic, Shelia Gillette. Lori is certified by the THEO group, Inc. to use the process in her work with other individuals. Register for Lori's Classes


 Reverend Dr. Tamurah comes to us by way of Sedona and Santa Fe and has served as a professional intuitive, medium and clairvoyant since 1983.  Her specialty focuses into the nature of the Primordial Tradition as an evolutionary force for awakening consciousness. Additional to her Doctorate of Philosophy, she holds two Master's Degrees in Counseling, plus numerous certifications in Hypnotherapy / Past Life Regression Therapy and Dream Interpretation.  For several years she studied Polynesian Mysticism / Shamanism directly with a Hawaiian Elder and also with Anthropologist Dr. Hank Wesselman.  Always interested in honing her skill set,  she even studied Mediumship at the premiere Spiritualistic College in England. Register for Rev. Dr. Tamurah's Classes

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