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Rainbow Light Activation
History of Tea Leaf Reading
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 History of Tea Leaf Reading

History of Tea Leaf Reading

with Bertena Varney

December 2, 2020
Time: 7pm-8:00pm-ish
Where: Virtual via Zoom
Cost: FREE

In this class, you will learn the history of tea leaf reading and how it migrated to the United States. Bertena will talk about various ways to read tea leaves, what kind of tea and cups to use, and what the leaves may symbolize.  She will show you how to do a reading!  Be an observer, or tune in with your own cup, loose leaf tea and hot water to see what messages the tea brings forward.
One attendee will win a tea leaf reading from Bertena.
Another will win a special gift from Cosmic.
Please join us for the fun and interactive free class!
Be sure to invite your friends!
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Reoccuring monthy events



The Rainbow Light Activation

with Tania Smith

Every 1st Tuesday
Dec 1st, Jan 5th, Feb 2nd, Mar 2nd...
Time: 7pm-8pm
Where: Virtual via Zoom
Cost: Free!

This free meditation using rainbow colored light activations will show you how to work with your chakras, release blocked energy in your body and rebalance your energy field, promoting healing, rejuvenation, and vitality of body, mind & spirit. Each meditation will build on a specific chakra practice and vary slightly towards the end.

For December: Journey with Tania through the rainbow light spectrum of the chakras and on to a very special energetic transmission with the positive heart opening energies of Amazonite. Known as a stone of hope and self-esteem, Amazonite helps one to access the pure energy of universal love, a perfect start to the holiday season.    As a special bonus, she is also giving away an Amazonite Bliss Gem necklace from her Crystal Gypsy Designs collection. Cosmic is happy to add an amazonite heart and amazonite bracelets as another bonus!




Tse Dup 5 Element Healing Circle

with Tania Smith

Every 3rd Tuesday
Dec 15th, Jan 19th, Feb 16th....
Time: 7pm-8pm
Where: Virtual via Zoom
Cost: $25 per person & $20 for Distant Healing

This form of healing helps to strengthen the life force and soul energy by balancing the spiritual essence of the 5 elements fire, air, earth, water & space which are represented in the body. Energetic imbalances can cause all kinds of issues such as depression, illness and obstacles in ones life. This practice can help restore a sense of joy, well being, and compassion for others, while giving relief from those imbalances. 
3rd Tuesday of every month.

Attend Healing Circle via Zoom ($25)


Receive Distant Healing ($20):


Bertena Varney

Meeting Your Angels Guided Meditation and Journaling class

with Bertena Varney

December 16, 2020
(Every 3rd Wednesday)
Time: 7pm-8:30pm
Where: Virtual via Zoom
Cost: FREE

Bertena will introduce you to the various angels and their energy that she works with in her Angel Reiki Sessions and Angel Realm Readings. She will then guide you through a meditation for you to meet the beautiful angels that walk with you each day. She will assist you in speaking with them and hearing any messages that theyt may wish to send to you. She will also be beaming you distant angel reiki during the session. The class will end with you journaling your experiences and if you so desire, share them with others.  This meditation is very peaceful and brings many people the answers they are searching for.
Bring a journal!  or pen and paper!
Practice makes perfect!  You are welcome to join us every month!

Two attendees will win  15-minute Angel readings from Bertena.
Another will win a beautiful crystal angel from Cosmic!
 3rd Wednesday of every month.
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Events in 2021!



 How to Use a Pendulum 

with Bertena Varney
January 6, 2021
Time: 7pm-8pm
Where: Virtual via Zoom
Cost: $10
Join this fun and interactive class on pendulums.
You will learn:
  • The history and ancient uses of pendulums.
  • How to ask and know when to use a pendulum.
  • How to cleanse and use a pendulum.
  • How to create a pendulum board.
  • How to answer yes and no questions.
  • How to use a pendulum in your tarot readings.
  • How to change your energy and unblock energy and chakras.
  • How to bless your food, room, interview, stressful situations, etc.
  • How to use a pendulum to connect to your angels and guides.

Two lucky attendees will each win a 15-minute reading from Bertena.  Another two will each win a gemstone pendulum from Cosmic!









Heart Mantras Class

with Tania Smith
Febuary 6, 2020 
Time: 2pm-6pm
Where: Virtual via Zoom
Cost: $75 (regularly $125)

These beautiful Tibetan mantras help you to meditate, reduce stress, heal negative emotions and open your heart. They are from the Tibetan Bon spiritual tradition and are said to form the essence of enlightenment. They work to transform awareness in specific ways and are used as purification and protection. Everyone can benefit from these beautiful chants and they will help deepen any other spiritual work you are doing.
These mantras assist us to stay centered in our hearts and are helpful for anyone wanting to learn ways to calm their mind and be free of troubling emotions and habits. Learn about the Tibetan goddess Sherab Chamma and other Tibetan deities in this class. They are also helpful for people who are very energy sensitive such as empaths and healers.
In this workshop you will learn ways to:
  • open yourself to universal energy
  • meditate more deeply
  • connect with divine feminine energy to bring more love into your life
  • heal negative emotions and karmic imprints
  • open and expand your heart more fully
  • calm your mind
  • purify your awareness
  • protect yourself from negative energy


You will experience deeper awareness and higher states of consciousness through:
  • The Contemplation Mantra
  • The Healing Mantra
  • The Love & Compassion Mantra
  • Special meditations for each mantra
  • The importance of dedication
You will also receive pdf files with the mantras and other information.
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