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Welcome to Bertena’s Spiritual Sanctuary! Are you seeking guidance, clarity, and transformation on your spiritual journey? Meet Bertena—an internationally acclaimed spirit communicator, metaphysical teacher, and author. With extensive knowledge and decades of experience, Bertena is here to help you connect with your true self and uncover the secrets of your life's path.

Bertena possesses unique skills to bridge the gap between the physical and metaphysical realms. Using divination tools like tarot cards, pendulums, crystal balls, and tea leaves, she channels personalized messages from the spirit world, guiding you with insights and revelations along your spiritual path.

As a High Priestess of the Rose within the Magdalene Rose Temple and the Sisterhood of the Rose, Bertena employs her priestess training to facilitate the discovery of your divine feminine essence and to heal past wounds from your feminine journey. Embracing empowerment and embodiment is key to reclaiming your divine path.

Beyond her spiritual gifts, Bertena boasts 20 years of experience as a college professor, blending traditional and mystical teaching methods to make intricate metaphysical concepts accessible and applicable in everyday life.

She holds numerous non-secular credentials, including , a Ph.D. in Paranormal and Parapsychology, and Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Divinity and Religious Studies. She is also an ordained minister with the Sacred Heart Church. Additionally, Bertena holds a Master's degree in Sociology, Criminology, History, and Education, focusing on self, society, religion, and ancient civilizations, a 500-hour Yoga and Meditation Teacher certification.

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Bertena is also a seasoned Metaphysical Teacher, drawing upon her 30 years of experience as a college professor. Her teaching methods blend the traditional with the mystical, making complex metaphysical concepts accessible and applicable in everyday life. Whether you prefer in-person classes, online sessions, or Zoom webinars, Bertena ensures that her wisdom reaches you. And don’t worry if you miss a class; all sessions are meticulously recorded and sent to you for your convenience.
Unlock Your Spiritual Potential with Spirit Guide Communication through the Art of Divination Ready to take the next step on your spiritual journey? Bertena offers a wide range of services to cater to your unique needs:
• Tea Leaf Reading: Gain profound insights from the ancient art of reading tea leaves.
• Tarot and Oracle Reading: Explore the symbolism and messages hidden within the cards.
• Crystal Ball Reading: Peer into the depths of the crystal ball to uncover hidden truths.
• Spirit Guide Communication: Connect with your spiritual guides and receive their wisdom.
• Reiki and Chakra Balancing: Harmonize your energy centers for holistic healing. • Meditation: Find inner peace, balance, and clarity through guided meditation sessions.
Spirit Guide Communication can offer several benefits to individuals who engage in it. Here are a few potential advantages:
• Guidance and Wisdom: Spirit guides are believed to possess a higher level of knowledge and wisdom. By communicating with them, you can tap into their insights and receive guidance on various aspects of your life, such as personal growth, relationships, career choices, and spiritual development. They can offer unique perspectives that may not be readily available in your everyday life.
• Intuition and Inner Knowing: Regular communication with your spirit guides can enhance your intuitive abilities and help you develop a deeper connection with your own inner knowing. They can assist you in recognizing and trusting your instincts, making decisions aligned with your higher self, and understanding the messages that your intuition conveys.
• Spiritual Growth and Awareness: Spirit guide communication can foster spiritual growth and self-awareness. By engaging in this practice, you may deepen your understanding of spiritual concepts, expand your consciousness, and become more attuned to the spiritual dimensions of life. It can open doors to new perspectives, insights, and transformative experiences.
• Connection to the Divine: For many individuals, spirit guide communication serves as a means to connect with the divine or a higher power. It can foster a sense of spirituality and deepen one’s relationship with the transcendent. This connection can bring comfort, inspiration, and a greater sense of purpose and meaning to life.
Book Your Journey Today. Join Bertena on a voyage of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Your path to enlightenment begins here at Bertena’s Spiritual Oasis. Explore, learn, and awaken your true potential today.
""Bertena is an excellent instructor who cares about the people she works with and the learning process! She answers any questions I have, and I leave feeling like I got more than I paid for, no matter which class I am taking. Bertena is a true professional. I highly recommend her.""
-Jacqueline Gibbons, Professional Writer & Editor

Appointment Cancellation/Refund Policy

Full refunds are provided for appointments canceled 24 hours in advance for all appointments types except Astrology readings which require 72 hours notice due to the time spent preparing your chart.

If you cancel without proper notice or miss your appointment, your payment is forfeited and the reader will still be paid. (If we are able to fill the appointment slot then you will be refunded.)

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"When starting chair yoga with Bertena I was uncertain about yoga. Within a few months, I gained confidence and flexibility. Soon after, I was trying new poses and other classes. If you are looking for acceptance, a place where people meet you where you are, and someone who cares about you as a whole person then try a class."  -Dr. Azurdee Garland
"I love attending Bertena's classes! She's incredibly knowledgeable on the subject of the class, and I really enjoy what she has to share with the class.  I truly feel open enough to ask questions there and to seek out my goals in the class. Bertena is also a wonderful reader!  No matter the time span chosen for a reading, the readings are fairly accurate, and they can truly guide someone to pursue their dreams, along with giving them advice for the future.  I cannot thank Bertena enough for guiding me along the right path and towards the future I want to chase after!"
-Shannon Sullivan
"I am so happy to have met Bertena. Working with her has honestly changed my life and made it better. I first met Bertena when I got a tarot reading from her. It was amazing and completely accurate. About a month later I started doing online classes, yoga, and meditation with her through Zoom. She is an amazing teacher. She’s patient with her students and knows her stuff. In the instance where she doesn’t know something or can’t answer your question, she will do the research to find it out.  She will be fully committed to you if you decide to work with her, whether it be a card reading, learning reiki, doing yoga, or any one of the many things she offers. I can not express how highly I recommend her to anyone and everyone." Christina B.

"I have taken several classes from Bertena Varney. I have studied and learned reiki 1 and 2, angel reiki, yoga which included yin, yang and restorative, I also done chair yoga. I also did the tarot card class, and the shadow class, just to name a few. She offers a diversity of classes in which she is knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced and pulls in her own life experiences. She makes it enjoyable, very easy to understand. She works with you and adds a dash of her amazing personality. I highly recommend her and any and all classes she offers. The one that most made an impact on me was the shadow class. It truly has changed me for the best and I am forever grateful to her and that class. She is so wonderful to work with and I continue to work with her, grow, and learn from her. I can’t wait to do more classes with her. I can’t thank her enough, she has been a true blessing in my life." Linsey Simpson

"Bertena has a beautiful way of explaining all things metaphysical. The services she offers are wonderful, and she is so knowledgeable in them all. I highly recommend you reach out to her for an appointment. She has been very helpful in my life." -Terri H