Shopping Guidelines

Cosmic takes into consideration the size of our retail location, Nashville's reopening plans, and the health of our customers and employees. Like everyone else, we are taking this day-by-day and our plans may change as new information presents itself.

The following guidelines are in place to ensure the safety of our staff and customers while following city ordinances for retail shopping. 

  1. Capacity limit: 8 plus a “zipper”.   A zipper is a customer who knows exactly what they need, will grab it and checkout. (Say "I'm a zipper" at the door.)
  2. No children under 12 permitted inside the store until further notice due to capacity limits. We are sorry for the inconvenience. (See Shop by Appointment below)
  3. Respect the space of other shoppers. Maintain 6’ distance from anyone you did not come in with.
  4. Limit shopping trips to 30 mins or less to limit potential exposure and so that other customers have an opportunity to come in.
  5. Handwashing required before shopping.
  6. ENTER AT THE FRONT DOOR.  EXIT BY THE BACK DOOR. This will help us follow distancing guidelines and make it easier for waiting customers to know who is up next.
  7. When you arrive for shopping, ring the doorbell  (or give us a call at 615.463.7677).  We will let you know of our current capacity and either let you in or put you on the “wait list.”
  8. If you are sick, even with allergies, please stay safer at home. 
  9. If you have been exposed to someone who is now quarantined, please help to keep us all healthy and stay home.


  • Shop online 24/7! Shop online from your car in the parking lot or sitting on our front porch! We will get your order ready as quickly as we can and bring it out or happily ship it to you.  
  • Order pick-up is available Daily during regular business hours.



With 24-hour notice, Cosmic will open her doors early or stay late for a private shopping experience just for you. This option is for shopping with kids, individuals in a high-risk category, and for larger groups that are already in close contact with each other.


     Precautions Cosmic and her crew are taking:

    • Our crew will not come to work if they are sick.
    • Our crew take their temperature daily. If it is 100 or more, they leave immediately.
    • We sanitize doorknobs and shared surfaces multiple times daily. 
    • Increased cleaning procedures have been put in place throughout the entire store. 
    • By working together we will be able to keep our doors open.



    • Retail hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 8pm, Sunday 11am-6pm until further notice.
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    • Watch for sales, new merchandise and great ways to enter for cool merchandise.
    • Shop online 24/7.  
    • Cosmic Bucks have evolved into Cosmic Stars!  Existing Bucks do not expire. Sign up for our Cosmic Rewards Program to earn Cosmic Stars for every dollar spent.  Cosmic Stars can be redeemed both in store and online.    (Cosmic Bucks were valid in-store only).  Bring in old Cosmic Bucks to use at the counter, or have them converted to Stars!