About Cosmic Connections

Cosmic Connections has been a brick-and-mortar store in Nashville since 2002, providing crystals, incense, mystical jewelry, space clearing items, intuitive readings, and Cosmic classes. After 20 years a lovely historic home in the Belmont-Hillsboro community we were able to move to the single story building you see here October 2022. We love it!  Double the space and triple the PARKING plus accessibility our previous space did not offer. 
Cosmic Connection 2117 8th Ave S Nashville TN
The energy at Cosmic is so welcoming that sometimes our customers come in just to feel it and to de-stress.
Cosmic is owned by long-time Tennessee resident Katherine King. She and the amazing Cosmic Crew are here to help you on your journey to find the right crystal, tarot deck, jewelry, and incense! We have Nashville's best Readers and Spiritual Teachers here to support your personal growth and expansion - all in a high vibe environment.
Below is Sunny, our sweet girl who was a constant presence at Cosmic for many years. She has been a part of our journey and part of many of our customers as well. You may read more about Sunny on her page! 

Plain and simple, Cosmic Connections is a woo-woo store.  Big time wonderfully woo-woo. This means we are a metaphysical store, a spiritual store, a crystal store, an intuitive store, an amazing gift store. It is a safe haven for customers to talk about absolutely anything without anyone thinking they are crazy and a place to get cosmically connected with others who have shared similar experiences.

Cosmic is here for you. Cosmic has always been here just for you.

Chalkboard art done by tattoo artist Sheri Chapman