Seemi Rizvi

Henna Artist and Tarot Reader

***Please Note:  From October 24 thru November 5, Seemi is only available for remote readings as she is traveling. She has daily remote availability to meet her client needs while she travels. She will be available once again at Cosmic beginning the 2nd week of November.

Seemi is an all-things-psychic enthusiast: whether it's a tarot or eastern forms of psychic reading, she loves knowing what the other realms have to offer for your journey here. Reading through henna tattoo/body art is a speciality just by Seemi ; a direct contact with your higher self to curate your gifts for your spiritual journey while having a human experience but to pave a way to help others through it. That's what we are here for anyways .Seemi has a way to take the spiritual elements of a situation and channel into a physical form while using her clairvoyance and intuition. This creates an even stronger and more personalized experience. Seemi becomes an illuminating mirror to reveal your past struggles, present treasures and bounties that your  future holds for you.She helps you to tap into your subconscious to find answers that you might never consciously think of while implementing your own story into a greater context and extract life lessons, wisdom, and self-awareness for the possibilities depending on the path you take. Nashville's most popular henna artist, Seemi is an Intuitive Henna Artist with a mission to help people see their best through her readings and her art. 


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