Calcite- Pink Wrapped Pendant

Calcite- Pink Wrapped Pendant

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Each pendant is wrapped in .925 Sterling Silver and is mounted on a 3" x 2" card as shown. On the back is scientific and metaphysical information on the properties of the stone.

(Note: Picture is an example, shapes may vary)
Well-being, Wholeness, Health, Empathy and Connections with the "mind of the heart".  

Chakras:  4th (Heart)
Opaque Pink Calcite has a creamy pink color and is found only in massive form. The pink comes from manganese. The only major source of these stones is from Peru. They are available most is frequently in free form tumbled or hand polished shapes such as spheres or eggs.
ROBERT SIMMONS The electromagnetic field of the heart is
one means by which one is connected to the fullness of All-That-Is. This field is in constant flux and can be read as a barometer of the overall well-being of the organism.
This is a stone of empathy and it can aid individuals in attuning tier empathetic connections with others. It is a helpful aid for those who do absent healing work, because it assists in attuning to the energy fields of others, even if they are not present. It can be used to dispel arguments and stubbornness in oneself and others, because it's stimulation of the empathetic response leads one into seeing the other's point of view as if it were one's own.
These are excellent stones for conflicts between parents and children. It is suggested to place one of these stones under the mattress of each party. Often, a spontaneous "Peace Treaty" will come about!
Opaque Pink Calcite harmonizes with other heart stones such as Rose Quartz, Morganite, Kunzite, and Moldavite as well as other Calcites. Using it in conjunction with Transparent Pink Calcite, one can enhance the full spectrum of the hearts physical and non-physical aspects. Pairing this store with Moldavite will amplify and accelerate its effects. 
Ref:  Simmons, R. (2005, 2007, 2015) The Book of Stones.  Heaven and Earth Publishing, LLC. 

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