Cosmic Essence Clearing Candle
Cosmic Essence Clearing Candle
Cosmic Essence Clearing Candle

Cosmic Essence Clearing Candle

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The Cosmic Essence Clearing Candle is made from 100% soy wax and infused with white sage, Palo Santo wood, lavender flowers and intention prayer.

Use for releasing and removing all forms of negative energy in your home and energy field.

12oz glass jar. 

Special Note:  These candles are locally made.  Absolutely power-packed, they carry aweome energy.   Directions on the candle  say to "take 3 sacred breaths. one to blow out the busy of the day, another to connect to your divine guidance, another to ground yourself.  Repeat the prayer on the package, or use whatever word come to you to say.  You are releasing all negative cords, energies and attachments.  Trust the words that come to you.   The candle is designed to use every day for a month.   Set your intention, say your prayer, light the candle and let it all go; every day, until the candle is gone.   

It only takes 21 day to create a new habit.  Once you have created this clearing and prayer habit for yourself, never again do you need to buy another candle!    How many products that you know of, were designed to purchase only one time?!

You abolutely can continue to buy candles and include this process in your daily spiritual practice.  Having the tools to help our brain focus is a wonderful thing.   Just remember, the candle is just a tool.   You can still do the spiritual practice without the tool. 

Light away, have fun!   Clear that energy!  Invite in all good things!