Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon


      Chinese New Year falls on the 2nd New Moon after the Winter Solstice. This year it falls on Saturday, February 10. We love that Chinese New Year is so close to St. Brigid's Day. It shows how we are all connected through the seasons and lunar cycles. This is the awakening before the thaw. It truly is a time to celebrate the growing light and prepare your home (think spring cleaning) because when spring arrives things move quickly though the season of growth once again! What are the things you can do to prepare for this new year that we are in? Our recommendation is to build a "wealth bowl"! Scroll down for step by step instructions on this easy prosperity ritual that will carry you through the year and more

      First addressing the "dragon" in the room. Feng Shui is tricky during the best of times and with the best of advice. It has several schools of thought and depending on what you follow, you may choose a different path. With that said, a wealth bowl is a popular enhancer among many feng shui practitioners both in the east and in the west. It is a ritualistic tool that anchors in the energy of wealth, but also in more western terms, is a way to manifest. It is a visual reminder to us in our space to think positively in terms of money and in other forms of wealth as well. It is one of the simplest things you can do to support a prosperous mindset in the year of the dragon!

      Choose a beautiful or decorative bowl. It can be new or one you have loved in your home. You can choose things to fill it with that symbolize wealth in the greater world and in your mind. A few recommendations:

      Chinese I-Ching Coins, Citrine, Jade, Amethyst.

      A 2-inch Gold Laughing Buddha

      (we recommend the Buddha holding the Gold Ingot if available)

      Additional items might be a wealth tree (stop by the store and ask about ordering one to suit your needs), other crystals that represent wealth (did you know you can search on our crystal page for "abundance"), actual money and "gold" ingots.

      Once you have gathered your wealth bowl supplies, place all of the items in the bowl and then decide where you will place it. In Western feng shui, the bagua indication is the far back left corner of your home as your wealth and prosperity sector. If that is not suitable for placing a wealth bowl, then the farthest left corner of the living room is suitable. However, in Flying Star feng shui, astrological influences indicate the Southwest corner of the home or living room OR the North area of the home or living room are the best places to enhance wealth in 2024.Regardless of which area you choose, a wealth bowl is a wonderful addition to your 2024 prosperity practice! Very Important! The wealth bowl should be on a table and never on the floor. It should be visible to you as a reminder of the wealth in your life!

      Say a prayer or give thanks or find the space and the way that best suits you to call in abundance today and every day.

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