Jeff Crawford

        Shaman/Tarot/Numerologist/Pastoral Counselor/Reiki Master Teacher/ Practitioner of Reconnective Healing ®  

Jeff Crawford, “Nashville’s Shaman®”, is a Shaman, Founder of Quantum Light Healing®, Practitioner of Reconnective Healing® & The Reconnection®, Reiki Master Teacher, Distance Healer, Tarot Specialist, and Pastoral Counselor/Coach. During healing sessions, Jeff synergistically employs ancient spiritual energy practices, quantum physics and sacred connectedness to effect profound physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and interdimensional healing. Working with tarot archetypes & numerology, Jeff delivers information and guidance that empowers his clients to pursue their course of action strategically and intentionally, so as to maximally benefit from their experiences. His classes integrate his life experiences and teachings to effect profound psychic, physical and interdimensional healing.  Jeff is an Approved Provider for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and offers CEU's through his Reiki classes.

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BOOK WITH JEFF   in-person at Cosmic Dec 9 & 10, 2023
30 mins ($75). 60 mins $150 

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"I became aware of Jeff years ago through a therapy client who had a profound experience with him. Right away I intuitively knew this was no accident. I immediately signed up for his Tarot Intensive weekend workshop and was instantly taken with his down to earth manner, sense of humor, and absolute MASTERY of the Tarot. Jeff and I have since become both colleagues and friends and I've personally experienced multiple healing sessions by his hands, and he helped counsel and Tarot me through the early stage of a powerful Dark Night of the Soul/Psychic Dismemberment experience a few years back. The story of how Jeff became "Nashville's Shaman," his personal Hero's Journey marked by incredible resilience, re-invention, and his transmutational gifts, is only trumped by his natural gentleness, wisdom, and unmistakable authenticity. With his beautiful integration of indiginous and modern/western shamanic and energy healing skills, what you experience with Jeff, in my view, is largely up to what the invisible forces working through his mind, heart, and hands have in store. But rest assured, he's the real deal. Whether on his table, through his life coaching, or his Tarot Mastery, you may or may not not get what you want or think you need. But as with all true healing endeavors, you'll get what you do need at that time, according to your readiness. Obviously, I could not recommend Jeff more. Tell him Therapy Outside the Box sent you."

Chris Hancock, LCSW, ACMHP (Franklin, TN)


In only two sessions with Jeff, I have experienced healing and have begun to break through barriers to authentic living. Jeff is grounded, compassionate and in tune to the Divine. He is respected within the healing and mental health community. He has great depth of soul, is intuitive and kind. He is the real deal."   Stephen L. Nelson, RN (Nashville TN)


"Jeff is a skilled healer of the spirit, mind, and body, and in that order. His approach addresses every aspect of your being that you consciously and subconsciously recognize as real and experienceable; in this way you will learn to participate in your healing process, which you will finally discover to be the most valuable gift a healer can give." Brian Gibson (Nashville TN)


Jeff doesn’t pretend to be anything he is not...that being said, Jeff is such a gift to all those he comes in contact with. He is a wonderful teacher and genuinely wants to empower those that have sought him out.  After my retirement, my path became wide open! I began reconnecting with my culture and a big part of that is the spiritual healing practices used in everyday life. I was looking for a Curandera or Shaman of Meso American or South American. I found Jeff!!  "His story and connections to Peru grabbed me and I signed up for my first class. I have now taken ALL his classes because his wisdom and teachings are the true Shamanic ways. He puts his heart into his practice and his knowledge sets him apart from other Practitioners. I’ve also experienced his Quantum Light Healing. The amount of Energy flowing felt as though I was cosmic particles gently coming apart and back together. It’s transforming and I’m so grateful. Muchas Gracias por siempre agradecido." Michelle Cook, Pembroke, KY