Nugent Jewelry Trunk Show

Nugent Silver Trunk Show
November 1-2, 2024
11am - 7pm
40% - 50% off regular retail pricing!
Shop for that special someone, treat yourself
and do some early holiday shopping.

Cosmic is thrilled to partner with Nugent Jewelry to bring some of the most amazing pieces we have had the joy of working with in the many years we have been in business. Typically when we bring in jewelry companies for trunk shows, they are small one or two person jewelry designers and that is definitely our preference. However, Nugent offers something a little different for us as they are a larger commercial jewelry company. Here's how they stand out and make it a good partnership for Cosmic:

They have a team of designers working to bring unique products, they source their stones from ethical mining companies, the silver used is either new and the best available or RECLAIMED. Finally, they operate a ZERO WASTE facility. Their building is covered in solar panels, they collect rainwater for their water use, they even reuse water waste. We love partnering with companies that prioritize the health of the Earth and its inhabitants as well as actively use sustainable manufacturing practices.

Come by and shop these gorgeous products!

 Natural Rough Blue Apatite Amethyst Banded Black Agate Rainbow Moonstone                          Dyed Botswana Agate Chrysoprase Ring Emerald Ring Garnet Bracelet     Garnet Earrings Garnet Ring Garnet Bracelet Garnet ring Green Onyx Studs Green Onyx Studs Herkimer Diamond Pendant Imperial Topaz Ring Iolite Ring Kingman Pink Dahlia Turquoise Pendant Blue Kyanite Earrings Labradorite & Herkimer Diamond Pendant Labradorite Pendant Labradorite Ring Labradorite Ring Labradorite Ring Labradorite Ring Laguna Lace Agage Pendant Lapis Lazuli Ring Larimar Pendant Larimar Pendant Leopard Skin Jasper Pendant 
Nugent Jewelry's new line:  The Emerge Collection, features authentic butterfly wings preserved in a clear acrylic material which protects the delicate wings while maintaining their beauty——transforming them into unique and stunning pieces which are environmentally friendly, water resistant, and long-lasting. Each handcrafted piece is made with our proprietary blend of certified 99.8 fine silver.