Tibetan Tse Dup Retreat

A 3 Day Tibetan Healing Retreat
w/Lopon Lumo Woekar (Tania Smith)
September 20th – 22nd In Person & on Zoom 
Cosmic Connections – 2117 8th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204
(Attending from out of town? Nashville is on CST)

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Join us from September 20th to 22nd as we once again transform Cosmic Connections’ main classroom into a beautiful Tibetan Temple for a 3-day retreat immersion. Whether you choose to participate in all three days or select the events that resonate with you, this weekend promises to be a precious gift of self-care and spiritual exploration.

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of ancient Tibetan Bon healing techniques, passed down through an authentic Tibetan lineage, as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation. This retreat offers a unique opportunity to learn and experience the profound healing practices of Tibet

Indulge in a tranquil weekend filled with meditation, healing rituals, mantra chanting, and peaceful moments of reflection. Allow the serene atmosphere to envelop you as you connect with your inner self and restore balance to your mind, body, and spirit.

Reserve your spot today and gift yourself a weekend of healing and profound peace. Below is the daily schedule of events. You may register for the whole 3 day event or individual events.

For any questions or concerns please email the retreat manager Stephanie Capps at rainbowlovinaretreats@gmail.com.  Please add this email to your contacts list so important information from us does not end up in your spam folder. All registrations will receive PDFs that contain details about the event, the entire itinerary, and traditional Tibetan Bon protocols for entering sacred temple space and participating in an event with a Lopon.  Please note the retreat fee does not cover travel, transportation or meals. Information from the retreat manager will have recommendations for all of this.     


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September 20th – 7pm – 8.30pm

Ancient Wisdom For Modern Living
The benefits of Tibetan Healing Practices – Free Talk

For us to be healthy and happy we must have a balanced energy system. Due to disease, trauma or stress our energies become blocked resulting in energy loss and a decreased life force. Signs of energy loss are increasing obstacles in every aspect of our life including bad luck, depression and long-standing illness. The Tibetan healing practice of Tse Dup and the Heart Mantras will be discussed in detail including the history of where they came from and how meditation and mantra practices such as these can be beneficial for your life in many ways.


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 September 21st – 1pm – 5pm

Healing From Within 
Discovering The Power of Tse Dup Tibetan Soul Healing

Known as a longevity practice, Tse Dup Yang Bod is a comprehensive healing  practice from a 7th century Tibetan Bon text written by Lama Tsewang Rigzin. The Bon culture has a unique way of recognizing the soul and the system works with the 5 external and internal elemental energies, which relate to 5 major chakras and organs within the body. Participants will learn the main meditation and the long Life mantra in order to connect with these 5 distinct healing energies. Tse Dup has the potential to greatly strengthen and heal the life force and soul energies through accessing higher states of consciousness, which promotes mental clarity and emotional resilience. This results in a more radiant energy field, which helps to alleviate physical symptoms and lessen obstacles in one’s life.


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September 21st – 7pm – 8pm

Tse Dup Healing Ceremony – 7pm – 8p
Restoring Balance & Harmony With The Five Elements

This beautiful healing ritual known as Tibetan Soul Healing connects through ancient mantras to the crystal healing light of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water & Space, to release blockages, provide healing and strengthen our life force through energetic blessing. The healing ceremony is performed by candlelight in the traditional Tibetan way, through the healing sound of drumming, mantras, invocations to the 5 elements and energetic blessing. There is nothing to do on your part but relax and meditate. Bring a pillow and blanket, yoga mats are provided.


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September 22nd  1pm – 5pm

Awakening The Heart
Discovering The Healing Potential of the Tibetan Heart Mantras

These exquisite Tibetan mantras are invaluable for maintaining inner balance through opening your heart, and reducing stress and obstacles in your life. They are particularly beneficial for those seeking methods to quiet the mind and heal challenging emotions, and as you learn to chant the heart mantras  you will feel the profound sense of serenity they provide as you experience the healing energy of all the mantras in a single session.


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Lopon Lumo Woekar (Tania Smith) is an energy healer, professional musician, jewelry designer and excellent intuitive, dedicated to helping you find lasting happiness and wellbeing. Born in Australia, Tania always knew she would use energetic healing in her life while she pursued a long career as a Grammy credited musician & songwriter.
She is certified as a Drup Shen Ma & Lopon, (Healer & Teacher) in Tibetan Tse Dup Bon Soul Healing which balances and heals the body, mind and spirit throughout any facet of your life and has over 20 years' experience with clients as a healer and intuitive. She offers Tibetan energy work, hypnosis and past life regression as well as creative mentoring to help you create the life you want. She can also help with phobias & weight loss.
She has an office in Cosmic Connections where she also teaches her classes including a 3-year certification program in Tibetan Soul Healing. She has been certifying Tibetan Soul Healers in Nashville at Cosmic Connections since 2015 through her company Rainbow Lovina Healing Arts, LLC. She is one of the first practitioners and teachers of this Ancient Tibetan Healing in the U.S. after over 10 years of intensive training with Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche. Classes, readings and energy sessions are life-changing. 
Tania teaches on a global scale and offers classes from the US to Australia in person and on zoom. Her classes are highly sought after and are filled month after month. She offers a free monthly zoom meditation called the Rainbow Light Activation, focusing on chakra balancing and guided meditation as well as a paid Tibetan Tse Dup Healing Circle, offered monthly in person and on zoom. Sign up today for your transformation.
Also check out her spiritually energized jewelry Crystal Gypsy Designs offered exclusively in Nashville at Cosmic Connections.


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Tania’s genius is evident in her talents as an intuitive consultant, healer and teacher. I have sought guidance from her at significant crossroads for several years. She has the ability to crystallize my thoughts of confusion or doubt into clear, practical actions that have delivered powerful results for my personal life and career. I can honestly say that the clarity, calmness and inner peace after each session is invaluable. I feel deeply blessed to receive her astute guidance and extraordinary wisdom.
Intuitive Reading Client
I have a background of physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse and had tried everything to make just basic improvements to my existence. I would make small gains that were often lost in endless trauma loops causing insomnia, hyper vigilance, stress headaches, rage attacks, and eventually almost full abreactions. During my first healing session, without saying a word about my situation, I breathed through some rare tears as Tania gently rolled up my stress and emotional pain into an energetic ball and lifted it from my chest. I went home shocked but relieved, and the stress removed that day never came back. I have been a firm believer in this practice ever since. This was the first “thing” that actually helped me. My headaches dramatically decreased and then went away, and I was no longer on the verge of a breakdown. Eventually, Tania suggested I get to the deeper root of my anxiety/PTSD and try hypnosis. Every session since then has been life changing, literally. I’ve broken off the energetic patterns of narcissistic abuse, decreased my anxiety well over 70%, I sleep better, I feel an amazing sense of calm/peace, and my body has healed from the memory of abuse. A friend I’ve known for over 20 years visited over the holiday and said she had never seen me doing better…ever. The energetic shifts are permanent and this type of healing also has a snowball effect….I continue to heal for weeks after a single session. I can’t say enough positive things. There aren’t many effective treatments for PTSD, and this modality has given me back my life and my true core personality.
Energy Healing & Hypnosis Client