Tina Marie


Channeled Intuitive Readings / Subconscious Healing for the Mind, Body & Chakras / Animal Communication & Healing / Intuitive Coaching Sessions

Tina Marie channels spirit to bring you clarity and messages from your angels and spirit guides during her intuitive readings. She is a certified subconscious healing practitioner and life coach and can sense where stuck emotion and energy is present in the mind, body and chakras. In her subconscious healing sessions she helps you release these blockages to restore balance and bring you into alignment. Additionally she offers animal communication. Only a picture and name of your fur friend is required for this. Her favorite areas to focus on in her coaching sessions are divine feminine embodiment, psychic development and manifesting abundance.

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-Sessions are held remotely at this time via phone, zoom and/or facetime.
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Please honor the time of all readers and service providers,
only one person per scheduled appointment. 

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Client Review from Lauren- Intuitive Reading

I had a reading from Tina that was amazing and spot on. She channeled a friend of mine that passed which brought me much comfort, gave me advice and timelines on things going on in my life right now and in the near future. It was so easy to talk to her and her guidance was great. Definitely recommend Tina for readings and other services! Thank you!


Client Review from Heather - Animal Communication, Equine

Tina provided exceptionally accurate and insightful information about my two geldings. She immediately identified the impacts of a recent paddock change for one of the horses (absolutely spot on and she had no prior knowledge of this) and provided thoughtful suggestions on how to alleviate some of the stress he was experiencing. Further, she provided information and context to the anxiousness that one of the horses has been exhibiting when riding. The suggestions and guidance she provided for next steps was impressive and helpful. I recommend Tina when wanting assistance in connecting or better understanding your equine partner. She is truly gifted!


Client Review from Angelica- Subconscious Healing

I've had the opportunity and blessing to meet Tina in person I have attended a couple of clearings she has done for me and every time it has been amazing for my mental health. She listens without judgement and has a very soothing calming voice that makes you feel comfortable from the start. she has came into my life when I have needed her the most, during the peak of my anxiety she has been able to read what I am feeling and after each clearing I feel more clear minded and lighter like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders. there are alot of instance where she just picks up on my energy and can read me so clearly without me ever saying anything she brings up alot of relevant facts to what it is I'm going through at the moment.