Creedite Wrapped Pendant

Creedite Wrapped Pendant

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Each pendant is wrapped in .925 Sterling Silver and is mounted on a 3" x 2" card as shown. On the back is scientific and metaphysical information on the properties of the stone.

(Note: Picture is an example, shapes may vary)



KEY WORDS: Expansion of awareness, activation of upper chakras in conjunction with the heart. 

CHAKRAS: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th).

Creedite crystallizes in white, colorless, orange and sometimes purple crystals. The orange Creedites often form in porcupine-like balls that bristle with spiny crystals going out in all directions. Creedite is a rare mineral, and the best specimens come primarily from Mexico. The Orange Creedite 'porcupines' occur in the same mine in Mexico where rare Pink Fluorite is found.

ROBERT SIMMONS One's first impression of Creedite is that it quickly and powerfully activates the upper chakra energies, particularly the third eye, crown chakra and those above. There is a vivid sense of expansion of one's field of awareness and a euphoria in which one experiences a kind of floating upliftment. As one continues to resonate with this stone, one senses a deepening of the connection down through the body, particularly at the heart. This sensation signals an anchoring of the expanded awareness into the heart, which can bring a feeling of satisfaction to the heart's eternal yearning for full connection with Spirit.
Creedite is an access-key stone for all kinds of encoded spiritual information. It can assist one in attuning to the Akashic records, 'opening the files' in record keeper,  understanding the messages of spirit guides, interpreting oracles such as the tarot, and channeling the messages of spirit beings. It can help meditators make the quantum leap to higher domains of consciousness, clearing any blockages in the third eye, crown chakra or the etheric chakras above the head. Creedite is a stone of the Light of the angelic realm, and it can help one manifest that Light in one's everyday life. For some people, Creedite should be used in conjunction with grounding stones such as Black Tourmaline. Those who need this will know who they are, because they will tend to float away and have difficulty feeling fully in the body after working with Creedite.
For opening the portals to the higher spiritual realms, Creedite resonates well with Azeztulite, Scolecite, Phenacite, Natrolite, Clear Apophyllite and/or Herderite-Jet and Black Tourmaline help those working with Creedite to purify their energy fields and stay grounded. Combining Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Zincite and/or Amber with orange Creedite will increase its enhancement of one's creative energies. Creedite and Moldavite work together to bring one experiences of spiritual awakening and transformation. Nuummite can be used with Creedite to ground one's memories of dreams and meditation experiences and to bring Light into experiences of spiritual darkness.

Silver chains sold separately

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