Malachite (8mm. Reconstituted) Bracelet

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Enlightened leadership, Creativity, Confidence, Protection, A healed heart.

Malachite is a soft stone.  Our bracelets are reconstituted, meaning they have a filler that makes them strong enough to be shaped into beads for drilling, or shapes for pendants and rings.  This is a common practice to do in the jewelry manufacturing market in order to bring the beautiful stones to you in a wearable form.   They still contain the same beautiful energy and healing properties of raw malachite. 

*Toxic when placed in water

Fire Element

3rd (Solar Plexus), 4th (Heart) Chakras

Elastic bracelet made of real gemstone 8mm beads.  Picture is an example.  All stones are unique. Color of stones vary.  

Malachite (8mm. Reconstituted) Bracelet