Kyanite- Black Wrapped Pendant

Kyanite- Black Wrapped Pendant

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Each pendant is wrapped in .925 Sterling Silver and is mounted on a 3" x 2" card as shown. On the back is scientific and metaphysical information on the properties of the stone.

(Note: Picture is an example, shapes may vary)
KEYWORDS: Inner bridges, Psychic ability, Connecting with Nature, Past life recall, telepathy, empathy.
Kyanite is an aluminim silicate mineral with an unusual hardness quality. Measured along the crystal axes, the hardness is 4.5. Measured across the axes, the hardness is 6 to 7. Its crystal system is triclinic. It forms elongated, flat, blade-like crystals. It occurs in Brazil, South Africa, Switzerland, Burma, Kenya, Mexico, and the USA. 
ROBERT SIMMONS Black Kyanite can clear blocked energies in any chakra and replenish the meridian system. It is both grounding and energizing, increasing one's vibrational frequencies without taking one out of the body. It is useful in energetic healing, because it clears imbalances and brings forth an unhindered flow through one's various systems. 
Black Kyanite can bring one back to past lives and forward to probable futures. It teaches one to experience interdimensional consciousness without losing ones' connection to earth.  

Kyanite strengthens the voice and heals the throat and larynx.  Useful for performers, public speakers, teachers, and anyone who speaks in front of a group.  Excellent for meditation and stimulation of psychic abilities  

Silver chains sold separately

Ref:  Simmons, R. (2005, 2007, 2015) The Book of Stones.  Heaven and Earth Publishing, LLC. 

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