Kyanite- Blue Polished Wrapped Pendant

Kyanite- Blue Polished Wrapped Pendant

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Each pendant is wrapped in .925 Sterling Silver and is mounted on a 3" x 2" card as shown. On the back is scientific and metaphysical information on the properties of the stone.

(Note: Picture is an example, shapes may vary)
KEYWORDS: Inner bridges, Psychic ability, Connecting with Nature, Past life recall, telepathy, empathy.
 Kyanite is an aluminim silicate mineral with an unusual hardness quality. Measured along the crystal axes, the hardness is 4.5. Measured across the axes, the hardness is 6 to 7. Its crystal system is triclinic. It forms elongated, flat, blade-like crystals. It occurs in Brazil, South Africa, Switzerland, Burma, Kenya, Mexico, and the USA. 
ROBERT SIMMONS Blue Kyanites have a high vibration and create very rapid transfers of energy. They open the psychic channels and activate the mind centers, accentuating one's mental capacities and enhancing one's ability to 'download' information from higher sources. They can make telepathic communications between individuals easier, especially if both parties are using them. If one chooses to sleep with Blue Kyanite the process of Lucid Dreaming will be greatly stimulated. 
Blue Kyanite can link the physical, astral, and causal bodies, catalyzing full consciousness in waking, dreaming, and dreamless sleep. One must work at this, but it is well worth it when the goal is achieved.  
Ref:  Simmons, R. (2005, 2007, 2015) The Book of Stones.  Heaven and Earth Publishing, LLC. 

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