Wood Incense Storage Box-Yin-Yang

Wood Incense Storage Box-Yin-Yang

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Beautifully carved wooden incense storage box.  Brass inlay Yin-Yang symbol on sides.  Hidden stick storage. Burn two incense sticks or two cone incense at the same time. 

 In Chinese thought Yin-Yang represent the two great opposite but complementary forces at work in the cosmos. Yin is the female, cold, dark, passive power. Earth, rain, soft, evil, black, small, even (numbers), are yin. Yang represents masculinity, light, and warmth. heaven, sunshine, hard, good, white, large, and odd are yang. The interplay of the two forces makes up chi, or the material principle governing the universe. Their balance is essential to harmony and health.

2.25"w x 2.5"h x 12 1/8"long

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