Herbs & Resins

Herbs & Resins


      Herbs and Resins have been burned in spiritual practice since before recorded history.

      Herbs are the leaves and flowers of plants. Resins are aromatic vegetal extracts obtained by the incision of trees and bushes. 

      Mortar and Pestles have been used throughout history for medicine, herbalism, and cooking. The word mortar is derived from the Latin word ‘mortarium’ meaning product of grinding/pounding.

      This tool is available in several materials, depending on the intended purpose.
      PORCELAIN and ONYX are non-porous with a smooth texture, making it easy to clean and ideal for wet/oily ingredients. It can also be used for garlic, nuts, and herbs.
      METAL is hard and can withstand heavy pressure, making it ideal for resins.
      SOAPSTONE is great for spices, seeds, nuts and herbs.
      WOOD is porous, making it ideal for a single purpose, such as strictly herb grinding.

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