Bill Foss

Bill Foss

The Akashic Records is a spiritual station between Heaven and Earth for all Souls who come to the earth plane, and offers insights on how to heal, learn, grow and develop the greatest expression of You in this life.  Learn new energy techniques, past lives info, and healing dynamics in an Akashic Reading & Healing Class with Bill.

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Bill has been working with groups and individuals internationally for the past 25 years and can help you develop your spiritual skills to move forward in life  and achieve your passionate goals through understanding the inner workings of energy and the spiritual world. His work is based on the Akashic Records, Healing   techniques, and personal self growth insights. Bill has been connecting with the Ascended Masters, the Angelics, the Keepers of the Akashic Records and certain Alien guides over the past 25 years. 

Book a private appointment with Bill or join him for this revealing workshop . You will receive a multitude of info that you can put into play in your life, whether you are a Spiritual Practitioner, Spiritual Seeker, or just someone looking for more answers in your life. 

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About the Akashic Records– Imagine finding a special room in your home or upstairs that you didn’t know existed. A place where you find hidden information about your Soul and Past Lives as well as Future Events. You found entry to this room through meditation or the dream state. And now that you know how to get there you will visit this place to receive information primarily for your Soul’s Purpose and your personal Self Knowing which can lead you into an enlightened state of living. Much in the same way the Akashic Records exists in the upper ethers of the planet where all Souls visit between lifetimes for life reviews, learning and their next assignment. The Akashic Records are a very real part of the other side of Heaven where we return to access information and healing concerning our own personal journey. It is greatly beneficial to us when we start accessing our personal Records or Book of Lifetimes while we are here in physical form. We can then explore expanded information from within the Akashic Records for Knowledge, Wisdom, Healing and Creativity. Similar to psychic energy the mind’s intuitive vision through the window to your Soul is connected to the Akashic Records through your Book of Life. We are always connected through an upload/download stream. We just need to remember how to get back to the Akashic Records through the Soul and in doing so awaken not only the visions of our greater existence but the hidden gifts which await us through the Body – Soul connection.



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