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 Tania Smith

Tania Smith is an energy healer, professional musician, jewelry designer and excellent psychic, dedicated to helping you find lasting happiness and wellbeing. Born in Australia, Tania always knew she would use energetic healing in her life while she pursued a long career as a Grammy credited musician & songwriter. She is certified as a Drup Shen Ma & Lopon, (Healer & Teacher) in Tibetan Tse Dup Bon Soul Healing which balances and heals the body, mind and spirit throughout any facet of your life and has over 20 years' experience with clients as a healer and intuitive. Tania has an office at Cosmic Connections where she sees clients and teaches classes. Her spiritually energized jewelry brand - Crystal Gypsy Designs - is offered exclusively at Cosmic as well. Register for Classes with Tania.


Alli Taylor
Alli is a 350hr Certified Yoga Teacher living in Nashville, TN. Teaching a wide variety of yoga styles across some of Nashville’s most popular studios, Alli strives to make every class feel like a new experience, whether it is her student’s first or hundredth time on the mat. Combining her lighthearted personality with her formal training, she aims to create an accessibility for the beginning while opening the mind and challenging the body of an experienced student. Register for Alli's classes today.


Andrea Renee








Andréa Renee is a teacher of Reiki Life Force Healing and offers Reiki energy work, and is an Intuitive Sound Healer offering Sound Baths using a crystal singing bowl, Tibetan bell and her intuitive voice. She is a Metaphysical healer offering Soul Retrievals and is a certified Holistic Coach, specializing in the habits of the mind and trauma recovery. Register for Andrea's classes today.



Bertena provides classes comparative to the college courses she has taught for the last 2 decades. She integrates a strong connection to spirit guides with her knowledge of divination including tea leaf reading, tarot, and dowsing and uses meditation in all of her lessons. Bertena holds numerous university degrees in addition to spiritual certifications. Read more about Bertena's extensive educational and experiential background on her booking page. Register for Bertena's Classes.

Chris Hancock
Chris Hancock, LCSW, ACMHP brings his Facilitated Mystical Experience to Cosmic. This Multidimensional Divine Light Transmission® (MDLT) is his signature spiritual experience and is NOT therapy nor part of his therapy practice. 



Dr. Tamurah
Dr. Tamurah offers monthly Sound Immersion experiences at Cosmic. Her classes are high vibrational healing and deeply mystical. In addition, she offers Clairvoyant and Mystic Readings along with Vibrational Frequency Attunements. For more information regarding her classes, visit her booking page.  Register for Dr. Tamurah's Classes. 



Jamie Givens
Jamie Givens: Unlock positive change in your body, mind and spirit. Find comfort learning the answers to questions which fixate in your mind’s eye, ease anxiety for deeper sleep, and realign energy to sync-up inner-resources. Imagine pulling the veil off the false reality which causes pain. Uncover the intelligent design of who you are. Jamie brings a lifetime of crystal study to Cosmic with her informative and highly applicable crystal classes! 



Jeff Crawford
Jeff Crawford:  A Reiki Master Teacher, Shipibo Shaman, Tarot Specialist, Founder of Quantum Light Healing®, Pastoral Counselor, Numerologist and all-around teacher, Jeff integrates his life experiences and teachings to effect profound psychic, physical and interdimensional healing.  Jeff is an Approved Provider for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and offers CEU's through his Reiki classes. (Read more on Jeff's booking page). Register for Jeff's Classes. 


Lori Knowles  

Lori Knowles is an intuitive who has been connected to the angels since childhood. Lori’s focus is to assist you in ending painful cycles so you can live your true purpose. She utilizes her natural intuition and angelic guidance abilities, as well as, the process known as Soul Integration. Lori is certified by the THEO group, Inc. to use the process in her work with other individuals. Register for Lori's Classes


 Mallory Key

Mallory Key: Mallory Key, is an AMAFA accredited Astrologer with the American Federation of Astrologers and has studied Astrology for over 13 years.  She offers lectures and teaches Beginner Astrology workshops, as well as private and group readings.  Mallory Key is passionate about spreading the knowledge of Astrology to those who are ready to learn this ancient language of the stars. Mallory has studied mindfulness meditation for over 20 years. She is a Reiki master as well as a professional Musician. Register for Mallory's Astrology Classes.


Mandy Lee

Mandy Lee is an energy channel and Tarot reader.  Be ready for her to go deep within and bring the light to clear, heal and balance your mind, body and soul. Bringing these high vibes to your being can shift your journey towards joy, happiness, and better health. She has been an Intuitive Healer and Reiki Master for 10 years. Mandy Lee is completing her final year of certification in Tse Dup Tibetan Bon Soul Healing, a three-year program.

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