Amber (Mexican) Polished A310
Amber (Mexican) Polished A310

Amber (Mexican) Polished A310

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Amber is an excellent pain reliever, helping with teething pain, headaches and arthritis. It balances both sides of the brain, relieves stress, renews the nervous system and increases vitality.  It promotes self-confidence and creativity.  Amber is petrified tree resin. During meditation  it helps you to connect to the ageless wisdom of the planet  

Chakras: Sacral/2nd, Solar Plexus/3rd, Throat/5th                                                                 Elements: Fire

Each stone sold separately. Multiple stones are shown to display uniqueness, size, and variety. Each order is picked intuitively by our staff.

Chiapas Mexican Amber. Amber is a stone of courage. Amber is often carried for protection during travel and to balance emotions. Cleanses your energy field powerfully and gently. Transmutes negative energies of any kind. Keeps you focused on what is important in your life. A powerful healer and cleanser of the body, mind and spirit, it helps to balance both sides of the brain while it relieves stress. It has a strong connection to both the Earth and the Sun and moves Life Force Energy through you. It holds the wisdom of the universe and is good for past life recall.

Mexican Amber, aka Chiapas Amber is from Mexico's most southern state which borders Guatemala. It brings much-needed income to some of the poorest people in Mexico and is quite rare. The mining of this particular amber is a cottage industry. The indigenous Tzotzil Mayan tunnel into the mountainside using simple hand tools. This amber is a fossilized resin that is exuded from the bark of a long extinct tree.


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